Hello and welcome to my blog! Since you clicked on my About Me page, you probably want to know some things, so here goes – My name is Brittany and I’m a 20-something girl living in Seattle, Washington. By day, I’m a PR lady, which is super fun because I get to do creative storytelling for some of the world’s most popular brands. And by night, I’m the blogger behind Coco & Blush.

I started this blog because I’ve always loved styling clothes, decorating my apartment, and overall pretty things. I thought to myself, why not make a place where I can post all my outfits and inspiration I put together every day? I’ll start a blog – genius! And that’s how it happened. The name stemmed from Coco Chanel (one of my favorite fashion icons) and my favorite color of all time, blush (it’s not quite pink, but it’s dusty and feminine – I’d live in it if I could).

In a few words, I’d describe myself as a fashion enthusiast, girly-girl with a touch of eccentricity. I’m also an introvert, which made starting this blog more difficult than I anticipated. All I could think about for a long time was what if people don’t like what I put out there. But, you know what? I decided life is too short to care what other people think of you and if you have fun doing it, you should do it!

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoy poking around my page. Drop me a line and let’s be friends!

– Britt