December is one of my favorite months of the year! Everything is so festive and cozy, and you can’t forget about the holiday parties!! I love getting dressed up and partying with friends and family. It’s my one excuse every year to be a little bit extra and go for the glitzy dress that I can’t wear anywhere else.

This year I was shopping for a dress and spotted this velvet number at H&M for only $60! Talk about a good deal. I went back and forth between this dress and a silver glittery dress for quite some time, but ultimately, I decided I loved the dark green velvet and the price was right! Can we just talk about how exquisite this crushed velvet fabric is? I personally think this dress looks a lot more expensive than sixty bucks!

One of my favorite details on this dress is the delicate buttons on the sleeves. I’m a sucker for these tiny buttons – they give the dress so much interest and charm.

So, here’s my big tip for holiday party dressing – layering is your friend! For parties where your boss and/or grandma will be present, you can still wear that low cut or spaghetti strap dress. All you have to do is layer it over a thin fabric top. The most frustrating thing is finding THE cutest dress, only to have it be too revealing and back out of wearing it at the last minute.

When I tried on this dress, I originally was bummed because the neck was cut too low for me to feel comfortable wearing it around my colleagues at our holiday party. But then I found this amazing lace turtleneck at Free People, and all my problems were solved. Not only does the extra layer cover my cleavage, but it also looks super stylish!

These lace turtlenecks can be worn over so many things. Some other ideas include pairing them under overalls, v-neck chunky sweaters, and they also would work for spaghetti strap dresses and tops. OH! And did I mention they come in a million colors!? THE BEST.

As always, thanks for reading and check out where to get my outfit below!